Crystal King Pottery

[displayevent organizer=”Crystal King Pottery” phone=”(336) 879-6990″ email=”[email protected]” secondaryemail=”” mapno=”39″ website=”” event=”” title=”Annual King Family Wood- Fired Kiln Opening” description=”

Visit with Crystal at her parents shop at Kings Pottery(4905 Reeder Rd Asheboro NC ) and watch as Anna, Terry and Crystal King unload their pots from their traditional wood-fired salt glaze kiln. Vases, Face Jugs, and Animal figures are unloaded at 9 AM and then are for sale as they are displayed around the kiln site from 10-2PM. Remaining pieces from the firing are then brought to Crystal King Pottery for a showing at 2-5PM.

” times=”9AM-5PM” address=”2475 S. Hwy 705, Seagrove, North Carolina 27341″ cost=”Free”]

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