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Dinnerware place setting

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Little circle vases

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Seagrove Stoneware Pottery

[displayevent organizer=”Seagrove Stoneware Pottery” phone=”(336) 707-9124″ email=”[email protected]” secondaryemail=”” mapno=”15″ website=”” event=”” title=”New Spring Collection” description=” David and Alexa will have many new items to refresh your pottery collection. New creations for you patio and yard, for example, planters, fountains and bird baths. Alexa will be introducing her new dinnerware collection. Open both Saturday and Sunday. […]

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Alexa Modderno

I create functional tableware and home decor that is the modern alternative to traditional stoneware pottery. When fired in the high temperature reduction atmosphere, the custom glazes expose the iron speckles in the clay and create a natural earthy feel on contemporary simple shapes

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Alexa Modderno

My background began as a child with exposure to 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional art in my mother’s home studio. I completed ceramics classes at the community college level and set up a home studio working with clay as a hobby potter. In 2002, I joined forces with professional potter David Fernandez who helped me […]

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Big pot today

Almost finished.

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