Bulldog Pottery

The forms and imagery of our pieces are evocative of memories and interests from our past and present lives.  We brainstorm for ideas by formulating and testing clays, glazes, surface treatments, and playing off of each other’s intuition about the materials and processes. We make everyday sophisticated functional pottery glazed with a variety of rich and deep surfaces. Together we have formulated unique and original crystalline glazes that skin the surface of our elegantly thrown vases. Our studio is on an old farm right off Highway 220 just five miles south of Seagrove and 5 miles North of Star.  When looking for Bulldog Pottery, the striking landmark is the blue Montgomery County water tower located at the entrance to our drive.  We are a studio art pottery.  Our motto is to invest care and attention into the making of each individual piece of work produced in our studio art pottery. Bruce and Samantha love their profession and welcome visitors to their studio art pottery.  You may meet Bruce, Samantha, Ed, Gloria or Luna Bella at Bulldog Pottery where we look forward to sharing our excitement about our ceramics with you.

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