[displayevent organizer=”CADY CLAY WORKS” phone=”(910) 464-5661″ email=”[email protected]” secondaryemail=”[email protected]” mapno=”66″ website=”” event=”” title=”THE SALT GLAZE ARCHIVES” description=”

Give a gift of American pottery history with a selection from the sale of our 40-year collection of salt-glazed ware. Discover the story behind each unique piece. Works for sale include antique Southern and Midwestern pottery, vintage Cady Clay Works salt-glazed ware by John Mellage, vintage Seagrove area pottery, and one-of-a-kind pieces from Rowe Pottery Works, Rockdale Union Stoneware and Wisconsin Pottery. We have clayworks from first firings, kiln accidents, prototypes, commemorative pieces, special decorations, collaborative pieces, and other rare items.

” times=”Saturday 9a – 5p” address=”3883 BUSBEE RD, SEAGROVE, North Carolina 27341″ cost=”FREE”]

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