• Friday Nov 18th,  Gala 6-9PM - Catered Reception, Live Music, Collaborative Auction
  • Saturday Nov. 19th 9 - 5PM
  • Sunday Nov. 20th 10-4PM

Please join us, for our annual show, held indoors at Luck's Cannery. Free parking, food trucks, demonstrations and lots of pottery to choose from. Celebration in Fall is an indoor event where we come together at one location and create an atmosphere where you can immerse yourself with more pottery than one can conceive.

Always the weekend before Thanksgiving, our event starts on Friday with a Gala Auction and continues on Saturday and Sunday. Shopping begins when the doors open Friday night and doesn’t stop until we all move out on Sunday. Don’t forget the shops are open too! Venture out! We don’t want you to miss a thing. With just under 100 pottery shops, there is no chance of you to leaving Seagrove without finding that special treasure for yourself or someone else. We hope you’ll have a grand experience and plan to come back time and time again.


Avery Pottery & Tileworks, Ben Owen Pottery, Blue Hen Pottery, Bluestone Pottery, Bulldog Pottery, Caldwell-Hohl Artworks, Chad Brown Pottery, Chris Luther Pottery, Crystal King Pottery, Daniel & Kate Johnston Pottery, David Stuempfle Pottery, Dean & Martin Pottery, Dirtworks Pottery, Donna Craven Pottery, Donna’s Pottery Haven, Dover Pottery, Eck McCanless Pottery, Floyd Pots, From the Ground Up, Gingerbread House Pottery, Great White Oak Gallery, Hatfield Pottery, Hickory Hill Pottery, JLK Jewelry at Jugtown, Johnston & Gentithes Art Pottery, Keith Martindale Pottery, King's Pottery, Koepnick Pottery, Kovack Pottery, Levi Mahan Pottery, Luck's Ware, Lufkin Pottery, Matthew Kelly Pottery, McKay Pottery, McNeil’s Pottery, Michele Hastings & Jeff Brown Pottery, Nelda French Pottery, Nichols Pottery, Old Gap Pottery, Patrick Rowe Pottery, Pebbles Pottery, Pottery by Frank Neef, Pottery Junction, Potts Pottery, Ray Pottery, Rockhouse Pottery, Seagrove Stoneware, Southern Spirits Pottery, Studio Touya, Thomas Pottery, Triple C Pottery, Turn & Burn Pottery, Whynot Pottery & Acacia Art Tile, Williams Pottery, Windsong Pottery, and Zehmer Pottery.   Check out the Floor Layout PDF to find your favorites! 

Collaborative Auction Pieces - Friday Night GALA

Can't make the Gala but want to bid? Here's the Absentee Bid Form - download and mail in!


Alexa Modderno turned the tea pot and four cups using a porcelain clay body with carved design. Cindy Neef made the tray and carved a similar pattern and fired in a celadon glaze.


Large platter thrown and carved by Frank Neef. Hand painted design by Zeke McCanless. Fired cone 5 oxidation. 13"w. Don't miss your chance to bid on this one of a kind piece!


Large bowl thrown by Eck and hand painted by Zeke. Beautiful majolica decorations, available at the Gala Auction, Friday night.


Frank Neef turned this porcelain platter on the wheel and cut his intricate pattern on the rim. Paul Ray glazed and gas fired with copper red glaze and gold ash glaze. 13"w


Large vase thrown by Donna Craven and decorated by Susan Green. Wood fired with salt glaze. 28H x 18W

Hitomi Shibata & Chad Brown 2016 Gala Collaboration


This collaborative vase will be auctioned during the Friday night Gala. Chad Brown turned the vase on the wheel and Hitomi decorated and glazed. 19" H x 12" W

Alexa Modderno and Jared ZehmerCollaboration Platter

Platter by Jared Zehmer & Alexa Modderno

Sculpted Wall Platter, 17” diameter. Platter was wheel thrown by Alexa Modderno, then Jared Zehmer created a fox gestural relief sculpture using black and porcelain slips and sprayed with an ash finish. The piece was glazed with a combination of earth colors and gas reduction fired to cone 10, in Seagrove Stoneware’s kiln.

Sally Lufkin & Katherine Bryant 2016 Gala Collaboration

Tea Set by Sally Lufkin & Katherine Bryant

Thrown by Sally Lufkin of Lufkin Pottery, then glazed and fired by Katherine Bryant of Carolina Crockery Gallery. Set includes tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl and two cups. Blues to Black on White stoneware, fired electric.

Sid & Darius Luck 2016 Gala Collaboration

Pitcher & Bowl Set by Sid Luck & Darius Luck

Sid turned the pitcher and Darius turned the bowl, glazed in Sid's "crawdad slip" glaze. Designed after an antique wash stand set

Nelda French & Sherry Caldwell-Hohl

Vase by Nelda French & Sherry Caldwell-Hohl

Nelda designed and made the slab-built form. Sherry carved, decorated and glazed it. Dimensions: 18" high x 4" wide.

Bonnie Burns & Alexa Modderno 2016 Gala Collaboration

Covered Jar by Bonnie Burns & Alexa Modderno

Alexa turned this piece and Bonnie carved sea life flowers and fish and brought them to life by painting on her vibrant colored glazes. Bonnie fired the jar in electric kiln to cone 6. 26" tall, 9" diameter.

Fiva McCanless & Levi Mahan

Fiva McCanless & Levi Mahan

This vase was thrown by Levi, fired in the wood kiln at Dirtworks Pottery, then Fiva took the finished, wood-fired piece and painted on the frog motif , and fired it to cone 5 in Dover Pottery's electric kiln. 8" x 12" tall.

David Fernandez & Crystal King 2016 Gala Collab

Covered Jar by David Fernandez & Crystal King

Covered jar thrown by David, hand etched and glazed in copper red fire at cone 10 reduction. Hand sculpted lid by Crystal King. 18” tall and 15” wide.

wood fired jug by Donna Craven & Jennie L. Keatts

This jug thrown by Donna,  is 9" tall. Lid in copper, bronze and sterling with a pottery cabochon by Jennie.

Vase by Michele Hastings & Jeff Brown

10" vase, wheel thrown by Jeff Brown. The upper half of the vase is decorated by Michèle Hastings, with hand carved ginkgo leaves. The lower portion features one of Jeff's signature textures. The black/brown interior and rim, beautifully accents the the ash glaze that was applied to the surface of the vessel.

Ben Owen & Takuro Shibata 2016 Gala Collab

Vase by Ben Owen and Takuro Shibata

Takuro made this lovely vase, Ben glazed and fired the Chinese Blue. 18" tall.

Collaboration by Stephanie Martin & Jennie Lorette Keatts

Flask by Stephanie Martin & Jennie L. Keatts

Oval earthenware flask with silk-screened slips, terra sigillata, and black metallic glaze with floral decals, made by Stephanie. The top is by Jennie, sterling silver and copper with amethyst and patina. 9" tall, 6.5 wide, 3" deep

Individual Pieces - Silent Auction Saturday

Frank Neef & Paul Ray 2016 Gala Collaboration Platter

Vase by Keith Martindale

Vase in fire glaze. Electric fired. 12 1/2 " H x 7" w

2016 Gala Collaboration

VASE BY Matthew Kelly

Wood fired, salt glazed bottle with medallion and decorative handles. Made using NC clay combination from Starworks. Brown sugar ash glaze applied to top before final firing. 9 1/2" H x 5" w

Vase witH Handles by Margie & Matthew Nance

Face Jugs by Donna Hertzog

FaceJugs by Donna Hertzog

Face jugs wheel thrown, white base glaze with brown. Fired con 5. 5 1/2" tall x 6" w.

Vase Sculpture by Regina Voncannon

Looking for an April weekend event? Come to Seagrove, North Carolina on April 22 & 23!

Looking for an April weekend event? Come to Seagrove, North Carolina on April 22 & 23! ...

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