Membership Application Form

2020 Potter Membership Application

SAPA Membership $150 (January 1st Thru December 31st.)

Benefits include:

  • Profile Page on the Discover Seagrove Website
  • Photo on the Seagrove Potters Map
  • Emails inquiries from [email protected]
  • Opportunity to participate in SAPA Exhibitions
  • Opportunity to participate in SAPA Annual Events (see list below)
  • Opportunity to apply for a booth in
    Celebration of Seagrove Potters, Fall Event

Personal Information

Shop Address *
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2020 SAPA Annual Events

You will be contacted with details as the dates approach .
I’m interested in participating in the following events:
SAPA Event 1:
-Select one or more options based on your needs for Celebration of Spring.
SAPA Event 2:
SAPA Event 3:
SAPA Event 4:
SAPA Event 5:

If you do not pay Membership payment by February 9th or at the Annual Meeting:

  • You will be removed from the mailing list, email list distributing inquiries and requests
    from [email protected]

  • Your access and your page on will be suspended.
  • You will NOT be eligible to participate in SAPA events nor receive an application for the Celebration of Seagrove Potters Fall Event.
  • You are not Guaranteed to go on the new map update
Payment Method