Jennie Lorette Keatts

The stones are made from stoneware clay, bisque fired and then they are ready to be glazed. Layering different melting point glazes together yields “gemstones” that are full of depth and color. The process is tedious, as too much glaze will result in the stone sticking to the shelf.

Jennie moved to Seagrove from Denver, after a 16 years career in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing. Traveling around the world with her jobs and seeing the many kinds of ceramics and crafts being produced helped to develop her interest in clay and how it could be used to make jewelry. Today her stones compliment her jewelry, often confused as semi-precious or precious stones. The glazes, though, are made from the same materials that the stones are. It is just a different way and unique way to create something beautiful and functional from clay. Her work is at Jugtown Pottery in the Sales cabin. Jennie’s work can also be found in fine craft galleries, museum shops, online and in several publications.

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