John Mellage

I was an engineering student taking a semester’s break from college when I visited some friends taking a pottery class. They seemed to be having so much fun that I decided to try clay too and felt an instant rapport with it. I completed that class at Montgomery Technical Institute in Troy, North Carolina, then returned to UNC-Greensboro and changed my major to Ceramic Design. After graduation I worked as a production potter for three different potteries before establishing my own studio, Eno River Pottery, and later opening Cady Clay Works in Westmoore, North Carolina with my wife Beth. I can still remember the feeling of satisfaction I had when I got my first job making pots and felt I could really call myself a potter. I still enjoy making production pots as much as one of a kind pieces. I believe a potter has an obligation to the person who will ultimately use his pots; to create a piece that is technically sound, suited to its intended use, and gracefully balanced. Each piece should add meaning to an everyday activity through its use or its visual presence.

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