Pamela Owens

Born in New Hampshire, Pamela Lorette Owens has been deeply moved by the pots of her ancestor Daniel Goodale.  She began studying pottery in 1975 at High Mowing School in New Hampshire; her studies led her to an apprenticeship at Jugtown Pottery, subsequent studies at UNH and three New England potteries. Pam returned to Jugtown in 1980 and she and Vernon Owens were married in 1983. At Jugtown she found a family with a rich pottery history, and much to learn about the development of pottery. Pam and Vernon Owens established the Jugtown Museum in 1988 and oversaw the process to have Jugtown Pottery listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Pam makes pottery and is known for glaze development; she lives and works at Jugtown.  The pottery continues to evolve and grow following the Jugtown aesthetic of deceptively simple pots made for use and pleasure in a living, changing world.

Daughter of Vernon and Pam, Bayle Owens joined the business in 2012 when she returned to the area. Bayle has a variety of animals including goats, a donkey, and an emu who provide endless inspiration for her work.

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