Paul Ray

Paul Ray was born and raised in Seagrove, NC on land that had been passed down through his family since 1791. The world famous J. B. Cole Pottery ( 1928-1997) was located next door, and even though he grew up seeing potters at work and collected pottery as a young adult, he never considered pottery as a viable career option.

In 1991 his parents, Gordon and Patricia Ray took up pottery as a hobby, bought a wheel a kiln and set up a studio. Their hobby grew into a successful business, Cagle Rd. Pottery. His first experience with clay was in that studio. Several years later he quit his job of 9 years, enrolled in pottery classes and went to work for his parents with dreams of turning that hobby into a career, just as they had done. He immersed himself in pottery, going to school in the morning, and working for Cagle Rd. in the day and in his own studio at night.



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