R.D. Mahan Kiln Opening & Turkey Roast

Its time once again to join us at our yearly kiln opening to celebrate family and pottery at From The Ground Up. Pots will be hot out of the kiln: tree vases, plates, platters, pitchers, mugs, bells and soul pots…. We will have breakfast and lunch, scones and cream with some fresh organic coffee for breakfast and/or a plate of turkey for lunch, soup if you prefer. The cup in the picture was fired in our wood kiln recently using clay from the digging of a new well on our property. I will have some more small pieces made from this clay in the upcoming kiln firing, as well as some pieces made from Dark Star, a clay from STARworks Ceramics made from 100% North Carolina clay. I will also fire some new tree platters and some soul pots using some new glazes. We are looking forward to a beautiful weekend. Come see us.

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