Turn and Burn

Just a couple of hundred yards from “the” stoplight in Seagrove, and a block away from the historic “Plank Road”, David and Deborah Garner ply their trade, just like David’s forefathers did almost 300 years ago. David’s involvement with clay and pottery began at such an early age, he can’t quite remember when he first saw a pot being turned on a potter’s wheel.  Come by Turn and Burn Pottery and visit a while.

David and Deborah do a lot with horsehair, feathers and other wonderful creative textures. Stop by and see what God and a little dirt together can create.

They were on The Pottery Channel in 2015. Here’s the YouTube video from that show. If you like the pots shown, give a call, they might have something similar, although the pricing is not guaranteed to be the same.

Deborah and David Garner from Turn and Burn on the Pottery Channel 

The Video link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AnP7fJIiug






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