Jugtown Pottery Annual Holiday Opening

December 2, 2023 - December 2, 2023


For over thirty years, we’ve reserved the first Saturday in December for this fun event. During the months leading up to our Holiday Opening, we save back special and unusual pieces as they come out of different firings, to be made available on this day. We always have a great group of pots, and the Sales Cabin will be full with American Crafts and JLK Jewelry to complement the Jugtown pieces, all available for purchase beginning at 8:30 on Dec. 2, when the Sales Cabin opens. For anyone arriving early, the Jugtown Museum will be open and warm for your comfort while you wait.

Jugtown Jar by Travis Owens Jugtown animals by Bayle Owens Unloading Jugtown kiln; Frogskin candlesticks by Vernon Owens Jugtown Bowl by Pam Owens

Jugtown Pottery
330 Jugtown Road
Seagrove, NC 27341

Pam Owens