Bryan Pulliam

Bryan Pulliam (b. 1969) and Ben Owen III connected over 15 years ago when Bryan visited Ben Owen Pottery with a piece made by Ben Owen Sr., Ben III’s grandfather.  Bryan was curious about the piece and wanted to learn more about the pottery tradition.   Bryan began volunteering to help fire Ben III’s wood kilns, and, learned valuable information.  After years of colleagueship and friendship with Ben III, Bryan is now a full-time studio assistant here at Ben Owen Pottery.  Many of his days are filled with mixing glaze recipes and applying glazes to Ben’s pieces, along with loading and unloading kilns.  In his spare time, Bryan makes his own signature work to sell in our retail store and, now, online!


105 Bens Pl.
Seagrove, NC 27341


Pottery Studio:

Ben Owen Pottery, Inc.



Closed January
Closed the week of July 4th