Margie Nance

“Windsong Pottery produces an extensive collection of handmade, functional and decorative stoneware.”

[...If using our pottery brings you delight then our mission has been fulfilled....]

In 1994 I had a plan to start a new adventure. I took a Pottery class at Randolph Community College for two years. Then building a studio , which my husband Steve built in 1995. I sold my first piece of  pottery that year at a street festival . In 1999, my son Matthew came to work with me part time.  So you can say it is certainly a family affair. What a blessing from God to have a business at home with your family.    We are located in Randolph County in a rural area called Farmer just outside of the Seagrove area. Rolling hills and quiet country sides are the scenes you will encounter as you travel here to our pottery. We enjoy knowing that something we make with our hands and comes from our earth is used and also shown in your homes.


6109 Brantley Gordon Rd.
Denton, NC 27239


Pottery Studio:

Windsong Pottery



Mon. -Sat
Closed Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day