Scott Thomas

“In the heart of Seagrove, North Carolina is a rustic pottery studio where art and nature become one. The beauty of the countryside - its rich colors, textures and shapes - are captured into clay for a lifetime. Just as in nature, each stoneware creation is unique and represents the artistic vision of potters Scott and Bobbie Thomas.”

[...Taking home a piece of Thomas Pottery is like taking home a memento of North Carolina’s beautiful countryside....]

Most people only wish they could follow their dreams, but potters Scott and Bobbie Thomas have made it a reality. Together they combine their talents to create a unique variety of functional and decorative stoneware pottery. By working in tandem they offer a level of skill resulting in pieces that are warm and emanate the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Scott enjoys turning on the potter’s wheel. His large turned platters, bowls, and pitchers have a traditional shape while his vases have a much more decorative appeal. Scott creates his own style of mugs, teapots, bean pots, and baking dishes. Once his pieces are made, Bobbie adds the finishing touches, which includes glazing and firing. Cooler weather inspires Scott to make his piggy banks a personal favorite. Each pig comes to life with a personality to warm your heart and make you smile.


1295 S. NC Highway 705
Seagrove, NC 27341


Pottery Studio:

Thomas Pottery