Seagrove Art Pottery

Seagrove Art Pottery (formerly Florida Pottery) was born  in 2011 when Jinsong Kim and his wife Carol Kim joined forces to create colorful pottery with dragonfly motifs in Mims, Fl. Their current work is intended to enlighten a space in your home or office with dragonflies and bright colors.
Pottery  has been in the souls of both Jinsong Kim and Carol Kim  since meeting in Seoul, South Korea over 26 years ago. Jinsong Kim and Carol Kim have lived in Hartford Connecticut, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, New Castle Pennsylvania, Chun Chung South Korea, Mims Florida and finally finding their true home in Seagrove, North Carolina.
The two artists of Seagrove Art Pottery include Jinsong Kim, who throws all the pottery, carves and designs all geometric pottery and formulated and designs all the glazes and Carol Kim who paints the dragonflies on all the pottery.
Jinsong and Carol use glazes that are both attractive and food safe. Seagrove Art Pottery will continue to create colorful and delightful pottery as long as there is clay to throw and pottery to paint.
Stop by their new studio and gallery in downtown Seagrove!



402 E. Main Street
Seagrove, NC 27341



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