Studio Touya

[...Handmade pottery, NC local wild clay, wood fired ceramics, and Japanese style pots. ...]

Studio Touya is a pottery studio located in the Westmoore area of Seagrove specializing in handmade, wood fired pottery. Japanese potters from Shigaraki, Takuro & Hitomi Shibata set up their studio, and built a Japanese style Anagama wood kiln and a small wood kiln since 2008. Their focus is to make  simple & functional pottery by using local wild clay and wood firing techniques.


4911 Busbee Rd.
Seagrove, NC 27341



Regular Hours:

Temporary closed due to the pandemic. Seasonal Online sale is available.
Studio tour events, seasonal kiln openings and appointment only.



Takuro Shibata


Hitomi Shibata


Wood firing at Studio Touya

Hitomi and Takuro Shibata at Studio Touya, NC in USA. The firing in the video took place in summer 2020. More info about us: Instagram Hitomi @studiotouya Takuro @takuroshibataceramics