Discover Seagrove and experience the diversity of North Carolina Pottery
Chrisco Pottery
Established October 18, 1982. Located at 1360 S Hwy 705, six miles south of Seagrove, NC.
JLK Jewelry at Jugtown
Fine handmade sterling silver jewelry featuring pottery cabochons made using Jugtown's glazes and clay. Each piece is handmade by Jennie Lorette Keatts and most are one of a kind. The pottery stones are accented with semi-precious stones, and sometimes copper, gold or brass. The work is always changing and evolving and can be found on her website or in the jewelry case  in the back room of Jugtown's sales cabin.
Smith Pottery
Susan Smith first began taking pottery classes in 1995 as a hobby. However, it quickly became clear that both herself and her husband, Barry, had a talent for creating pottery. Within a year, Susan's hobby evolved into a family business. Since the beginning, their three children - Jeremy, Carrie and Casey - have worked with their parents creating pottery. At a very young age, each could craft pieces that were sold in the shop. Eighteen years later, all three still work in the shop or make pottery when they are home. Today, you can visit the Smith family at their gallery in Seagrove, NC.
Donna’s Pottery Haven
Latham’s Pottery
Latham's Pottery makes Traditional  Seagrove Stoneware they functional and useable items that can be used in the microwave, dishwasher and oven.  
Nelda French Pottery
Since 2010, Nelda French has been working out of the studio at Caldwell-Hohl Artworks.
Windsong Pottery
Established in 1995, Windsong Pottery makes functional and decorative stoneware.
Thomas Pottery
The studio features a wonderful open space with large windows to see pottery being made.
Caldwell-Hohl Artworks
We built our rustic studio and gallery in 2001.
Studio Touya
Japanese style, simple and functional wood fired pottery. Takuro & Hitomi Shibata set up a pottery studio, wood kilns and gallery in Seagrove in 2008.
Village Pottery
VILLAGE POTTERY, the marketplace of Seagrove, was founded in 1995 by Melanie Dennison.
Cady Clay Works
Cady Clay Works features functional and decorative stoneware pottery, both glazed and wood-fired, and other handcrafted items.
Pottery by Frank Neef
Our gallery is in the 100 yr. old Auman House. We have been open in Seagrove for 4 years.
O’Quinn Pottery
We opened our shop in 1989 in an old log cabin situated under a stand of trees on Busbee Road in the Westmoore area of Seagrove.
Lufkin Pottery
Welcome to our new shop location in downtown Seagrove!
Crystal King Pottery
The charming storefront attests to the eclectic samplings of work inside.
Wyndham Brooke Haven Pottery
Wyndham Brooke Haven Pottery is located in downtown Seagrove, NC.
Bulldog Pottery
Bulldog Pottery produces ceramics that are an eclectic mix of form, imagery, texture, and pattern.
Donna Craven Pottery
Featuring wood-fired, salt glazed pottery.
Turn and Burn
Just a couple of hundred yards from "the" stoplight in Seagrove, and a block away from the historic "Plank Road", David and Deborah Garner ply their trade, just like David's forefathers did almost 300 years ago.
Cagle Road Pottery
Our pottery shop is built from rough cut cypress logs, with a long inviting front porch.
Michele Hastings & Jeff Brown Pottery
 Making uniquely creative art for daily living on Pottery Highway 705.  
Keith Martindale Pottery
Keith Martindale Pottery is located on Busbee Rd in Seagrove, NC.
David Stuempfle Pottery
Our home and pottery is located in the Westmoore area of Seagrove, and is open for kiln openings and by appointment.
Kings Pottery
Kings Pottery is located near the small town of Seagrove, NC.
Ray Pottery
Our pottery showroom is nestled back off the main rd on family land dating back to the 1700's just outside the town of Seagrove.
Walton’s Pottery
Spacious 2200 square foot gallery with the work of Don and Susan Walton, along with other exclusive arts and craftsmen from throughout the US.
Dean and Martin Pottery
Dean and Martin Pottery was established in Seagrove in 1999.
DirtWorks Pottery
Started in 1986 in Kannapolis, NC. Features work in 16 different colors, styles and techniques.
Johnston & Gentithes Art Pottery
Johnston & Gentithes was established in 1997.
Humble Mill Pottery
Since 1998 Humble Mill Pottery has operated from in an old house in downtown Seagrove.
Seagrove Art Pottery
We design decorative and functional pottery for everyone.  We designed bright and colorful glazes to enlighten the hearts of many in an affordable price range.  We paint the dragonfly on our pottery to enhance the vessels.  We like to stay as simple as possible as to make it peaceful and beautiful.  As you know, pottery is one of the oldest art forms from the beginning of the civilized world.  Many of us love the form of the vessels from our hearts for an unknown reason.  We believe pottery was meant to enhance our lives and our homes.  We hope you enjoy the designs, shapes and colors of our pottery for many years to come.  
Rockhouse Pottery
Ken and Carolyn Poole are among the lucky few that truly love what they do, and it shows in their love of the craft and the art they create. They own and operate Rockhouse Pottery just across from the Historical Pottery Marker on Highway 705. Today Rockhouse Pottery features the work of Carolyn and Greg Poole, Ken has retired from his work in the clay. But the North Carolina themes of Pines, Dogwoods and Grapes still lives on in their work.  Saltware, Stoneware and Copper Reds still are plentiful in their gallery.  Beautiful floating blues, greens and pinks adorn the lovely forms and shapes thrown on the wheel. Carolyn is a 4th generation potter, and still uses her simple tools to carve in the state themes on her bowls, baking dishes, goblets and wine coolers. She grew up here in Seagrove, not far away from where the Rockhouse Pottery sits. In 1992 the City of Raleigh commissioned them to produce a limited edition of pottery to commemorate the bicentennial; they were given a showing at the Raleigh Art Museum for these pieces. Ken and Carolyn made lamp bases for Bob Timberlake's furniture collection.  "Bob is another Tar Heel with a love for down home country living." Today the Rockhouse is a must place to visit.  Ken has retired from the clay, but their son Greg continues on the tradition throwing, carving and glazing just like generations before him have done.
Old Gap Pottery
Old Gap Pottery (est. 1972) is a limited production studio specializing in one-of-a-kind work that combines Asian & Contemporary Western influences.
From the Ground Up
From the Ground Up was established in 1997.
Ben Owen Pottery, Inc.
The Pottery and showroom have been in the Westmoore-Seagrove area since 1959.
Great White Oak Gallery
The historic shop was built in 1911 as a home when the town of Seagrove was coming into its own.
BlueStone Pottery
3.5 miles off  Hwy 705 on Fork Creek Mill Rd.
Pottery Junction
Regina and her husband opened their studio Pottery Junction in 1989.  Regina has perfected her art over the years; she focuses on Shape and Form when working on her wares.  She makes beautiful hand-turned works which range from abstract flowing designs with eye-catching textures to fully functional, yet beautiful utilitarian wares.  She works in a variety of techniques, ranging from Raku to Porcelain and stoneware.   Her pieces are hand-thrown on the potter's wheel and then  manipulated into flowing organic shapes.  She then fires these one-of-a-kind works of art in differing glazes.  Her glazes are her own recipes, many utilizing the "wood-ash" ingredient which is a traditional style used by many in the early days of pottery making in Seagrove, including Dorothy and Walter Auman.  These various glazes and firing techniques bring out beautiful and original aspects and compositions on her individual works of art.
Jugtown Pottery
Jugtown represents over 60 American artists and craftsmen and women.
Avery Pottery and Tileworks
Avery Pottery and Tileworks along with exceptionally hand crafted pottery.
Seagrove Stoneware
Our gallery is located at the corner in downtown Seagrove.