Bayle Owens

“Bayle Owens, daughter of Vernon and Pam Owens, enjoys surrounding herself with animals for company and inspiration.”

The animals come through in her work in many ways – she makes a variety of animal figures in clay, and also makes a variety of functional pots, many of which include animal decorations. Bayle also makes pottery and wool sheep. Each sheep is made in clay and fired before she creates a fitted coat made from natural sheep’s wool for a finishing touch.
After studying art at Warren Wilson College, Bayle completed a degree in Professional Crafts, Fiber Art from Haywood Community College. Bayle and her husband, Aaron Cinque, are enjoying the restoration of and old farm just around the corner from Jugtown Pottery.


330 Jugtown Rd
Seagrove, NC 27341


Pottery Studio:

Jugtown Pottery



8:30am - 5pm