Crystal King

“Crystal's style brings a whimsical look to the themes that she centers her work around..ideas that most can relate to such as folk, animal, and Biblical stories.”

[...By carrying on this heritage, we pay homage to the potters before us, and the craft that we love....]

As the only daughter of potters Terry and Anna King, Crystal was  being recognized by folk art collectors for her unique style of hand building, at an early age. Her family apprenticed with Dorothy Cole Auman, an eighth generation potter who inspired their journey with folk pottery. Crystal added a unique quality to that tradition when she focused her art on hand-built figures based on animal and folk imagery.  Today Crystal’s work appears in numerous collections and has a strong following collecting her pieces across the country.


2475 Hwy 705
Seagrove NC 27341


Pottery Studio:

Crystal King Pottery



Tues.-Sat. 10am-5pm
Occasional Mondays