Meredith Heywood

We are Whynot Pottery, we moved to Whynot NC in 1976 to live on the family farm and raise small livestock. We ended up fully embracing the pottery of the Seagrove area. Working together for the past forty years we have developed a style of work and palette of glazes to complement the clay beneath.

Acacia Art Tile came about in 2009. It was a concept first put together by Meredith and her sister Lee Lewis. After the loss of her sister Lee, Meredith slowly worked into the tiles on her own. All the tiles are hand-rolled and hand-cut, after drying and firing, they are decorated to create images of the things around us, flowers from the garden, praying mantis, rabbits, lizards, an added layer of tiles are the giraffes and sheep, with a whimsical point of view they have quickly become favorites.


1015 Fork Creek Mill Road
Seagrove, NC 27341


Pottery Studio:

Whynot Pottery & Acacia Art Tile



Wednesday- Saturday 10-4:30
Other times can be arranged in advance by appointments.
Appointments only in January and February