Whynot Pottery & Acacia Art Tile

We are preparing to re-open our store.

Infection numbers have decreased and since people have become accustomed to behavior that minimizes the risk of infection for themselves and others, we decided that it is time to re-open our store.

Starting March 20, 2021

Whynot Pottery will be open five days a week.

Tuesday – Saturday  10 A.M. until 4 P.M.

We will still insist on masks worn properly and distancing .

Sanitizer will be available.

Groups travelling together in the same vehicle are welcome to enter the store together. 

Our space is small and will not accommodate more than two persons at a time if those two persons are not traveling together.

On a busy day you may need to wait a few minutes to allow others to complete their visit.

Other times we may be available by appointment.

Email us or call. If you call and no one answers we may be too muddy to pick up the phone but if you leave a message, we will return your call, often within minutes.

If you are planning days in advance email us at [email protected] or call (336) 873-9276 and Leave a message indicating when you would like to visit.


We just make pots, pots for pouring, pots for drinking, pots to serve from, pots to eat from, pots that are candles, and pots that are lamps.

We start with high-quality pre-mixed clay to form our pots on the wheel and occasionally with clay either rolled or extruded. After drying the work is fired to about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit; what we’d call bisque temperature. At this point, the work is ready to glaze.

Glazes are applied by either dipping the pots, pouring or spraying the glaze and sometimes a combination of each.

All of our pottery glazes are mixed on-site and made up mostly of feldspar, flint, clay, calcium carbonate, and wood ashes. Metallic oxides (mostly iron) are added for color.

We never use lead in our pottery.

It takes ten to twelve hours to bring the interior temperature of our LP gas fired kiln to 2350o and two full days for the ware inside to cool enough to be handled.

Why Whynot?
Until 1905 much of the area in North Carolina that is now called Seagrove was known as Whynot.

In about 1854 the people of the community found themselves in need of an official name in order to establish a federal post office. During a meeting called to address this many suggestions were considered. Each prospective name was preceded with the question “Why not?”

Since no one was willing to answer that question, or agree on a name, the meeting dragged on late into the night. After hours of polite indecision, one brave and tired soul stood up and said, “Why not call it Whynot and let’s go home.”


1013 Fork Creek Mill Road
Seagrove, NC 27341



Regular Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday 10 A.M. until 4 P.M.



Meredith Heywood


Mark Heywood