Seagrove Stoneware, Fernandez/Modderno Pottery

David Fernandez and Alexa Modderno offer a variety of decorative and functional handmade pottery. Our gallery is located downtown in the historic Bank of Seagrove. Built in 1921, you can step back in time as you shop and take a peek into the attached studio for a demonstration. Both working independently with their own individual style. David turns classic shapes that he etches and stamps with intricate geometric patterns. He uses custom glazes and high fires so the glazes flow through the channels creating symmetrical patterns. Alexa turns her functional pieces on the wheel, but also does some hand building and sculptural work. Her new focus is a line of functional tableware and home décor called “Moddware”.  This new line was created as a modern alternative to traditional stoneware pottery. When fired in the high temperature reduction atmosphere, the custom glazes expose the iron speckles in the clay to create a natural earthy feel on contemporary simple shapes.

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